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Athelas & Tonic, a LOTRO kinship on Arkenstone

Athelas & Tonic is a Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) kinship on the Arkenstone server.  We are a mature, casual kinship that enjoys doing group content, and socializing together while we do so.  

The kin accepts players with many backgrounds and interests.  Everything from solo players, festival warriors, to raiders are welcome. 


Regarding group content, while the kin does enjoy attempting challenging group content (T2+ raids, etc.), we are not a progression raiding kin.  We take our characters seriously and dedicate the time necessary to them to be successful, but we do not turn it into an endless grind that feels like a second job.  

Unfortunately, Athelas and Tonic is no longer recruiting new members.
Group Content
Kin Events

See Discord #lff channel for sign-ups.  Kin does reoccurring weekly and ad-hoc runs.

All events in EST (server time)

Reoccurring Kin Runs

Challenge Group Raid Day  /  Saturday - 3pm

Reflecting Pool Raiders / Sunday - 8:15pm

Kin Fun Runs / Wednesday or Friday 9pm

(fun runs include lower level raids, big battles,

featured instances, roving threats, etc.)

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