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Kin Philosophy

Athelas & Tonic was formed by a group of friends and ex-kinmates looking for something better.  We refuse to accept that one has to be either a "casual / social" kin or a "raiding" kin.  We pride ourselves on being a casual kin that enjoys challenging content, and participates in a wide spectrum of activities, from festivals to raiding.  
We ask that our kin members abide by these principles:
  • Treat all players with respect.  In other words, don't be a jerk.  Sarcastic banter and joking is fine, as long as it doesn't cross the line (and yes, you know where the line is).  Respect your fellow players. 
  • Asking for help and assistance is encouraged.  But try to avoid nagging or making unreasonable requests.  
  • ​Accept that we are primarily a casual kinship with varying playstyles.  Some players prefer to grind festivals rather than grinding T2+ side boss runs (the jury is still out on which is harder).  Some crazy ones do both.
  • Please relay any questions or concerns to the officers.  We are not perfect, and can't make improvements unless we have feedback. 
  • If you want to run higher level content, such as raids, be willing to learn to and accept constructive criticism.  Dedicate the time to truly learn your class (which isn't always possible if you just do landscape content).   Understand that not knowing everything is normal - we were all newbies once.  Just ask Aldowine if he has figured out why Oathbreakers is important for a Red Captain!
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