Kin House

While we have a traditional kin house, several Athelas & Tonic members own homes in the Eastfold Hills of Rohan, in the Brunton neighborhood and the Abodes of Erebor, in the neighborhood Vagmark.  So, we like to think of those as our main gathering spot for the kin.  More of a kin neighborhood rather than a kin house!  Just use "Visit" feature on kin panel next to the names of the players below to travel.

1 Ridge Road (Mead Hall) - home of Aldowine
  • Indoor crafting facilities (forge, scholar, workbench) with supplier horn and banker
  • Outdoor crafting facilities (farmland) with supplier horn
  • Barber upstairs
  • Travel ports to Mordor Beseiged (Adambel, 2nd Age) & War of Three Peaks (Annâk-khurfu)
3 Ridge Road - home of Layrieth
  • Outdoor crafting facilities (forge, scholar, workbench, farming garden) with supplier horn
  • Banker inside
  • Premium and basic ingredient crates outside
  • Training dummy
  • Travel ports to Mordor (Ruins of Dingarth) & Mordor Beseiged (Adambel, 2nd Age)
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4 Ridge Road - home of Guyot
5 Ridge Road - home of Moonrager
6 Ridge Road - home of Aelsa / Ninran
7 Ridge Road - home of Cherok
8 Ridge Road - home of Aldswith
1 Peak Way - home of Gendro
2 Peak Way - home of Esabowe
Traditional Kin House - 4 Oakenshiled Way, Vagmark, Erebor Homesteads