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Kin Storage

Regular kin storage - 4 Oakenshield Way, Vagmark,
Erebor Homesteads
  • Includes consumables, crafting mats, etc.
  • All kin members have the privilege of accessing regular kin storage.  Given that the items donated come from our officers and members, we encourage a pay-it-forward system where members "withdraw" crafting mats as they are levelling up but "deposit" any surplus crafting mats after they have maxed out a particular crafting tier. 
Bree Vault.jpg
Premium Storage - 1 Ridge Road (Mead Hall), Brunton, Eastfold Hills
  • Restricted (Officers, Group Content Leads)
  • Includes LI materials and premium consumables (tomes of defense, morale scrolls, damage scrolls, etc.)
  • Kin event prizes (LI stuff, cosmetic pets, stat tomes, etc.)
Cartographile Deeds - 4 Oakenshiled Way, Vagmark, Erebor Homesteads
  • Maps of Moria and Eriador (2 deeds).  Majority of maps available, working on adding stragglers
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