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Kin Guides - Legendary Items (LI)

Getting Your LI Weapon and Class Item

New Level 50's - complete Moria expansion introduction questline

Players with Old LI's - use "appraise" feature and exchange Ancient Script for new LI's / Traceries in the Hall of Traceries, located in Rivendell's Last Homely House

Base Weapon Levels & Tracery Slots


-Starting at level 56 (and every 5 levels thereafter), players can reforge their LI to increase it's power.  Reforging costs in-game gold

-Reforging increases LI Item Level (increases base damage of weapon, healing of class item)

-Reforges are a catch-up mechanic - don't waste enhancement runes on tracery slots if power levelling (will auto-level up on reforge, as long as tracery cap has not been reached (see "Tracery Guide" table below for more info on tracery cap)

LOTRO Tracery Limit Guide


-Tracery power can is based on the "quality" of the tracery (in ascending order, Uncommon, Rare, Incomparable, Legendary) and on the enhancement level of the slot

-Enhancement runes are distinct for each tier of Tracery.  Each tier has 4 types of runes, each with a different enhancement level cap for that tier.  See "Enhancement Rune Index" table to the right for more information.

Enhancement Rune Index.png
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