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Kin Guides - Legendary Items (LI)

Getting a Level 100 Imbued LI

What you need: You can a) craft or b) barter with Roving Threats NPC if you have 50 Gift Giver's Brands.  

1st Age or 2nd Age: A second age (SA), one-handed (1H) legendary weapon is just as good as a first age (FA) 1H legendary weapon.  This is because 1H LI's have no inherent stats, and both a FA and a SA LI can level to the same crystal and legacy cap. There is a small advantage in that the FA has a greater number of legacy levels completed post-imbuement, but that can be made up fairly easily.

  • For legendary class items, you'll want a FA LI.

Crafting: To craft, you'll need 1 Blemished Symbol of the Elder King, 2 emerald shards, 7 legendary fragments, and whatever Westemnet mats (ingots, hides, etc.) are required for your class LI's.  Recipes are guild-gated, so ask in kin for a guilded crafter if you don't have the appropriate one yourself.

Upgrading Weapon:

  • Ensure you have 7 legacies on your LI.  If you don't, get a Anfalas Crystal of Rememberance to add a legacy. 

  • Add 3 Anfalas Crystals to your unimbued LI. 

  • Use a Anfalas Scroll of Delving to raise the LI cap to level 70.  Ideally maximize your Item XP level to cap (this allows you to upgrade legacies, reducing scroll costs post-imbuement).

Legacies: Prepare your legacies as best as possible.  See Legendary Legacies Index for the form / to mapping for each class.  You can use Imbued Legacy Replacement scrolls to fix this afterwards, but they are relatively rare / expensive.

Imbuement: Go to a Forge Master and open the Imbuement panel.  Follow on-screen instructions.

Upgrading Your Imbued LI

Sources for Anfalas Crystals and Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment:

  1. Featured Instances

  2. Minas Tirith Dailies (max tier 69)

  3. Dol Amroth Quartermaster (max tier 59)

  4. Throne of Dread Terror/Rako t2 (level 105 instance) (for Ancient Ithil coins)

  5. Epic Battles (for Stars of Merit)

  6. Dailies in Vales of Anduin, Eryn Lasgalen (max tier 83 and 79 respectively)

  7. War of Three Peaks Dailies

  8. War of Three Peaks Missions (Weekly) (max tier 74)

  9. Host of the West Dalies/Weeklies (max tier 74)

  10. Roving Threats (for Gift Giver's Brands)

  11. Skirmish Camp Legendary Barter (for Marks)

  12. Traveler's & Adventurer's Quartermasters (for Motes or Embers respectively)

  13. Missions Weeklies (max tier 83) - Elderslade, Wildwood, Erebor

Motes Sources

  1. Mordor Alleigance Quests / Resource Instances (daily / weekly quests)

  2. Northern Kingdoms - Felegoth, Dale, Erebor (daily / weekly quests)

  3. Skarhald Resource Instances (daily / weekly quests)

Embers Sources

  1. Minas Morgul Reclamation Instances (do 4 instances per week)

  2. Minas Morgul Reclamation Quests (do 10 quests per week)

  3. Minas Morgul Scourges (kill 8 Nazgul in Beseiged or other scourges at top of Minas Morgul)

  4. Limlok Bounties (do 5 bounty quests weekly)

  5. Elderslade Missions Weekly

  6. Wildwood Missions Weekly