Kin Guides - Plugins

Hub for downloading LOTRO Plugins
A plugin download utility (recommended cause it makes it easier to keep your versions up to date)
Basic Plugins (recommended for all)
  1. Titan Bar - creates a toolbar to track various things, including in-game currency, time of day, bag capacity, etc.
  2. Travel Window - holds all travel skills, including milestones, reputation ports, and hunter / warden ports.  Clears up quick bar slots for other uses.
  3. Alt-Inventory - allows you to track inventory of alt toons even when not logged into them.
Group Plugins (recommended for higher level group content, such as raiding)
  1. Palantir II - enables HUD display showing current health / power.  Also allows for configurable "instacure" potting based on mouse click (useful to quickly remove wound, disease, fear, or poison).
  2. Prime - plugin with many features, including target windows and buff indicators (ala BuffBars), shows enemy buffs (ala DebuffVitals), and more.  Pretty much mandatory in T2+ raiding.
  3. Combat Analysis - tracks DPS parses (sort of)