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Kin Guides - Plugins

Hub for downloading LOTRO Plugins
A plugin download utility (recommended cause it makes it easier to keep your versions up to date)
Basic Plugins (recommended for all)
  1. Titan Bar - creates a toolbar to track various things, including in-game currency, time of day, bag capacity, etc.
  2. Travel Window II - holds all travel skills, including milestones, reputation ports, and hunter / warden ports.  Clears up quick bar slots for other uses.
  3. Alt-Inventory - allows you to track inventory of alt toons even when not logged into them.
  4. Deed Tracker - allows you to track your completed deeds and the deeds you have yet to complete (only helpful for people who care about deeds).
Group Plugins (recommended for higher level group content, such as raiding)
  1. Prime - plugin with many features, including target windows and buff indicators (ala BuffBars), shows enemy buffs (ala DebuffVitals), and more.  Pretty much mandatory in T2+ raiding.  Also includes sub-plugins like Prime Parse, Prime Bags, Prime Party Vitals, etc.
  2. Palantir III - enables HUD display showing current health / power.  Also allows for configurable "instacure" potting based on mouse click (useful to quickly remove wound, disease, fear, or poison).
  3. Combat Analysis - tracks DPS and Heal parses
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