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Kin Guides - Prime Plugin Setup

Initial Setup - base plugin only

1.  Download "Prime" from LOTRO Plugin Compendium (see Plugins page for more info if needed)
2.  Enable "PrimePlugin" in Plugin Manager
3.  Initial setup wizard should pop-up​
4.  Recommended settings are as follows, though this is a subjective topic
Combat Timer - uncheck both the "Enable Combat Timer" and "Enable Boss Override" boxes (if you use Palantir III or don't want this feature)
Group Alerts - check both the "Group Alerts" and the "Enable Self Alerts" boxes
Boss Timers - check the "Enable Boss Timers" box and all 3 of the skill timer boxes - "Enable Skill Tracking", "Enable Skill Cooldown Timers", "Enable Active Timers"

Loot Window - uncheck
Target Window - check "Enable Target Window", but leave other two boxes unchecked (might toggle this off if you lag alot)
Sound Player - uncheck
Skill Alert Timers - uncheck all boxes
Target Box (Beta) - uncheck

5.  Use bullseye to open Options menu and configure additional settings.
6.  Recommend configuring Buff Bars (use blacklist option to filter out, at least one window for buffs and one for debuffs)
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