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A&T Raiding

Level Setting
Part of our kin philosophy is that we refuse to accept that one has to be either a "casual / social" kin or a "raiding" kin.  We want to make T1/T2 raiding and other advanced group content as accessible as possible, while being realistic that endgame content is not something you just "do" - it takes some time, effort, and dedication to effectively participate in challenging group content.
T1/T2 raids are ran weekly, typically on Thursday or Saturday nights (see Discord LFF channel for raid event posts and sign-ups)
Initial Challenge
Given the state of landscape content, especially in the era of Trait Trees, many players can arrive at level cap without having leveraged all of their class skills or learned how to effectively play their class within a group context.  This really isn't "their fault" - it's a flaw in the game design due to the broad tent approach SSG has taken to content design.
Our Kin's Commitment
Given the challenges, our kin has setup a set of raid minimums, with accompanying guides for how to meet them.  We don't view these as barriers to participation - rather, we see them as goals to work towards!
And we're to help along the way with advice, weekly LI Nights and other events to help you get raid ready!
T2+ Challenge Group
The kin also supports a T2+ Challenge raiding group for those who want a bit more structure and difficulty.  This is a set group of ~15 players, either in the kin or affiliated with it, that enjoy the rigor and challenge that comes with completing  higher tiers of group content.  But we still don't accept the "progression mentality", and therefore try to have fun as well!
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