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Challenge Raiding Group (T2+)


This group is dedicated to doing challenging T2+ content.  We are not trying to mindlessly grind like a progression kin, but we want more challenge than one can get in a casual kin.


There are greater expectations for this group than the T1/T2 kin groups:

  1. Mastery - focus on mastering 1-2 classes / builds.  Exceed the minimums where possible.  Truly learn the ins and outs of your class.  May include weapon swapping for certain classes.

  2. Commitment - challenge group raids on a set schedule each week.

  3. Discipline - while we're there to have fun, we also need to maintain discipline.  Come prepared, minimize distractions, and follow directions of the raid leads.  Be patient.

  4. Teamwork - one of the benefits of a set raiding group is the ability to know your fellow raiders.  This builds trust between the members, and allows the group to establish a rhythm.  To this end, voice chat is required (need microphone too, as calling out a buff / debuff / effect may be necessary).


We aim for a group size of ~15-16.  This allows us some flexibility for absences, etc. while still giving us a solid amount of cohesion.  We maintain a "sit list" to manage the roster week-to-week (see below).

The Challenge Raiding Group day is Saturday afternoon (Round #1) and Monday night (Round #2) for Gundabad.  All times are EST (server time).

The raiding group leadership is as follows:

Group Organizer

Aldowine / Aldones (Aldo)

Raid Lead (in-game)

Firel (Iril)

Joining the Group

The group maintains a list of "interested" candidates.  When there is an opening, we will contact any candidate that fits the group needs (class make-up, etc.).  There is also a list of "stand-by" players who meet the group's criteria, but for one reason or another can't 100% commit to raiding each week.

Those interested in becoming candidates may contact Aldowine / Aldones in-game.  Note that the group may ask for you to participate in a "trial" instance or raid to gauge if you are a right fit.

The group roster is maintained in the "group-info" channel in Discord.

Current Openings

1-2 secondary openings still available for Gundabad raid

Sit List

If more than 12 core members show for raid, the sit list will be activated.  The top name on the list will sit out (if possible) and then move to the bottom.  Someone may be skipped if necessary to ensure adequate group composition.

Sit List is maintained in the "group-info" channel in Discord.

Loot Policy

Most loot is now RNG "class appropriate," so there is little need for a formal loot policy.  That said, some set bonus pieces are random drops that have no class appropriate factor in the formula.  If a set bonus piece drops, and the piece is not appropriate for the player's 1-2 raid group classes, the expectation is that the person who received it will offer it to another group member.  If >1 member is eligible, an in-game roll will decide.

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